5 Breeds of Dog That Are Suitable for a Family

If you have decided the time is right for introducing a dog into the family, there is indeed much to consider. Raising a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities, and the majority of dogs that are currently in rescue facilities are there because their owners did not fully understand what having a dog involves. Assuming you have considered everything and are prepared to go ahead, it is time to start looking at different breeds, and with that in mind, here are a few breeds of dog that make great family pets.

  1. Golden Retriever – This gentle giant makes for a great family pet, and while his long coat does take some looking after, he’ll be a faithful companion that loves exercise. The Golden Retriever was bred for hunting, and they have an instinctive liking for bringing things back to their owner. They also love water, are very playful and intelligent, so they are easy to train at the puppy stage, and are usually yellow or gold in colour.
  2. The Labrador – Very similar in temperament and size to the Golden Retriever, yet they have a short coat that is much easier to maintain. They come in yellow, black, white and patchy coats and have a great character, making them ideal to be around young children. It makes sense to take out some form of insurance for your puppy, and an online search will help you locate an Australian pet insurance provider, who would have a range of policies on offer. You might like a comprehensive policy that will cover his vaccinations and you can even claim for dog training classes with some policies.
  3. The Beagle – The Beagle is essentially a scent hound, bred for hunting, and this breed needs a lot of exercise. Mild mannered, although they can be a little boisterous, Beagles are easy to train and are not known for aggression, and they do like to fetch and play, so if you have young children, this pocket-sized hunter is a great choice. No real health issues and very loyal, a Beagle puppy is the ideal addition to a family, and with a little teaching, will quickly become a family favourite.
  4. The Border Terrier – A medium sized dog with a medium, rough coat, the Border Terrier was bred to hunt vermin and foxes, and it has a dual coat, which protects it when hunting. This means the dog gets hot very quickly, so care needs to be taken in the summer. A great temperament, although they do like to chase cats, the Border Terrier is not normally aggressive, and makes for an ideal family pet. They come in all colours and mixes, and they do require regular exercise, and will chase anything that you throw and likely bring it back!
  5. The Poodle – If the idea of a large dog doesn’t appeal, how about a Poodle? These pint-sized dogs are full of energy and really easy to train. They can a be a trifle stubborn and might have issues with other dogs, and like most small breeds, they try to make up for their small size by being very verbal. They come in all colours, and whether a pure or cross breed, the Poodle has a good temperament and makes for a good all-round family pet.

Regardless of the breed, you should have your dog examined by a vet as soon as possible, in order to have the necessary vaccinations.

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